Summing up the trip

Here we are after almost a month of American adventures, we’re grown pretty tired of each other during the time but while it’s going to be nice to come home and meet our parents and sleep in our own beds we’re all going to miss this and we’ve already begun planning the next trip. Maybe Australia this time?

Any way, we had to say goodbye to Paco for now and that was kind of sad, Leo was devastated but after a couple of hugs and promises about arranging so that Paco can come along on our next road trip he pulled himself together a bit.

Leo even got Paco’s hat as a memory. Such a sweet guy, we’ll be sure to meet up with him again.

We tried to come up with a top five moments of the trip or at least some highlights but realized it was much harder than we thought since even the small things like lying like packed herrings (as we say in Sweden) in the minimal motel rooms talking about everything from Pacos run for the border to Emils itchy toe has been wonderful experiences completely comparable with flying down the slopes of Aspen or strolling around in Las Vegas. Though we did get a bit too much information about that toe of Emils. I mean come on. How much itch can you get on a toe? You’d think he had cut it off by the way he described his pains some days.

Our time plan turned out to work perfectly even though it was really loosely organized. It felt like we had enough time to experience a lot considering we only stayed 25 days but that’s the way we like it, to experience completely new things next day. We although didn’t like traveling as tourists that much. We knew when we planned the trip that this was how we were going to travel and we didn’t have another choice due to our urge to see so many different places.

Meeting Paco was also great experience he showed us a lot of things we wouldn’t see usually his foreign origins really made an impact on how he looked on things. We all grew up in Sweden and perhaps we didn’t appreciate things that much. Paco on the other hand was happy for anything he could get. He came from a family where hard work and traditions were valued over anything else. We felt that staying USA for a longer time might have given us more insight about how the society really worked. Just traveling the country was a great experience, none the less not enought to really understand how people actually live. Living in an American family one by one would’ve given much more knowledge because then you don’t just travel past places and only experience what the city offers you at first sight. We think that seeing things from the perspective of a tourist influences your perception of what you really see. Staying in a city for a longer time gives a much deeper view of the traditions and culture.

We think if we were given the opportunity to travel again with the intention to learn about American culture we would much rather stay in a city for a longer time. Miami was the city which we stayed the longest time in and that was great, the last days we felt that we started to connect with the culture and with the people who lived there, although that isn’t enough in our opinion. When you just travel across the country all you really see is the shallow surface of the earth, we see mountains, we see forests. But what we don’t experience is people’s life and the little details which make life special.

Although we shouldn’t complain this was after all not a scientific research study, we were after all in USA to see the country and have a pleasant time and our sudden urge for learning came after our roadtrip so it certainly served it’s purpose. If we would give our trip a grade it would be 5 out of 5 KFC buckets

The Empo3000 crew signing out.

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