Paco becomes useful in the place were jazz was invented!

Another one of the Leos main conditions of the trip was to experience some of the world known Orleans Jazz at a local club. We quickly realized we didn’t have a clue where to go when we had dropped off our bags in a rather scruffy motel. The problem wasn’t to find a jazz club but to choose one of the hundreds literately flooding the streets of central New Orleans.

It turned out Paco had been to New Orleans several times before and as an authentic jazz lover he knew all the good ones. He meant we should give the Steamboat Natchez a try, the classic steam boat cruiser were the world’s finest jazz is played during dinner though, unfortunately it turned out we were too late as reservations weeks ahead was necessary.

But we weren’t going to let that stop us from getting jazzed out so instead we headed down to Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz club down at St. Claude avenue were the jazz according to Paco was top notch. Truer words has never been spoken, Leo couldn’t stop talking about the smooth compositions and the accurate improvisations by the promising young jazz talents of the city. He didn’t have a hard time accepting what they say, that jazz was invented in this city. And the rest of the group didn’t have a problem with going there the next evening as well, it was truly entertaining.

After a couple of nights consisting of, besides excellent music, great food and nice people we had to move on since Nadine was getting kind of eager getting to Disney Land so we packed our bags and are now on the bus heading towards Mississippi and Alabama.
Everywhere we went the people of New Orleans were playing jazz, truly amazing city.

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