If it’s fried, it’s good!

We had been on the road for a long time and the next stop was Houston, Texas. The bus trip was a pain in the ass, it took the driver like forever to reach the destination. After a whole lot of swearwords and arguments we finally reached the motel we were going to stay at. We were all drowned in sweat, in addition to all that we had to split one shower! The motel, Motel 6 Houston Reliant Park, was in a pretty good condition and we stayed there for two nights.

The next day in Houston we met a cute and friendly couple who offered us coaching  through the annual Houston International Festival. This festival is also known as iFest and  is a contemporary and multicultural arts and music festival.  The best thing about it according to the couple, and quickly confirmed by the Leos, was that everything (edible) was fried.
gvghvhvHere’s Mark and Jenna who insisted that we gave this day of fried delicacies a shot.

We had no other choice but to go to the festival the following day. Paco wanted to come along, so we brought him. He is actually a very kind-hearted and decent man, even though it’s hard for Emil to get on well with him. Anyway we went there and indeed, like the couple said, almost all the food was fried! We jumped like small hobbits from one booth to another, it was like heaven! At least in the beginning.Paco behaved through the whole day, but for some stupid reason he got into a fight with Emil. We tried to make peace between them, which was pointless. Neither Emil or Paco wanted to tell us what the problem was. They made a proper fools of themselves.

The most memorable thing from this day was meeting Oprah Winfrey. She was on tour with a friend and we were lucky to meet her, which was pretty cool!

After a great deal of photographing, plenty of walking and a whole lot of food, we returned to the motel. Exhausted we tried to pack our bags before we went to sleep.

Oprah Winfrey.

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