We were thinking a little what we want to get out of this trip so that we can plan it according to everyones’ desires.

We quickly found out that the group wanted different things, everything from shopping and skiing the slopes of Aspen to experience american history and learn about native americans.

So we set up a route which covered just about it all, as we weren’t very fond of missing something and having to go back. Turned out that we had to stay for a month go through nine states but as the flight to San Francisco, where we were going to start off, would take us fifteen hours and cost us a whole lot, we didn’t mind making the most of our stay in the US. The cities and states we are going to visit are in order: (Also shown at the map below)

San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Aspen, Colorado
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Houston, Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Miami, Florida

Because of all the travelling we all agreed on just bringing a backpack each and wash our clothes ourselves as we go along and to make out limited budget last the whole trip we decided to bring our sleeping bags and split rooms at motels and not gamble too much in Vegas.

We made up a estimated cost per person and came up with following numbers:

1 250$ travelling expenses.

450$ food and drinks

600$ living

Then we would need some pocket money but we’ll get to that.

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One Response to Planning

  1. Teacher says:

    Sounds like a good plan 🙂 Be careful with capital letters and phrase length in the future./Linda

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